Essential Business Boosters

                      for small & start up businesses.

Introducing a five part distance learning program designed

to give you a practical kick-start to your business success.

             “Essential Business Boosters” speak for themselves.

               Important and essential areas of business that need to

                be learnt and put into practice on a regular basis.

               This 5 part distance learning program contains a number

                of different elements that will help you to ….


                                     Increase profit,

                                  sell more product,

                                  release more time,

                          increase business confidence.

                        make better business decisions,


               Each part of the training program includes;

               One-to-one private consultation by Email or Skype.

              Practical projects for you to carry out for instant results.

              DVD Business Guidelines to support the subject matter.

Part 1       

Essential Practical Marketing.

This part represents the foundation of the complete program.
if you build a house upon poor foundations, all the good work you have done will go to waste.

The same applies to Essential Practical Marketing. We throw away the confusing jargon and get

straight down to showing you how to put the important marketing theories into practice.

Essential Sales Dos & Don’ts.

There is no such thing as “I cant sell”and in our book there is no such thing as a “hard sell”.

You will be shown all the dos and don’ts and mistakes that sales people get into.

At the end of this section you will be able to understand and put into good use all the

intricacies and subtleties that make the difference between getting that order when others don’t.

This is not just face to face, but also other forms of communication such as Telephone and Email .

Part 2

Essential Presentation Skills

How to present yourself confidently, professionally and convincingly.

Your manner, your appearance, your charisma, your ability to engage are all here for

you to take advantage of. A superb one-to-one coaching opportunity is in this section combined

with a couple of exciting projects for you to fulfil as part of your business growth.

Dos and don’ts about Powerpoint presentations are also put in the mix.

Essential Public Speaking skills

In tandem with presentation skills you are shown how to overcome any fear of  Public Speaking

and convert your energy into something that is meaningful to your captured audience.

There is so much additional business up for grabs by this method that most businesses shy away from.

Gain the edge against your competition by putting into practice what you learn from this section.

Part 3

Essential Time Management

No time for relaxation. No time for your family? Admin piling up?

Working late at the office? Getting home tired? Is that what business is all about?

It really doesn’t have to be like that ! Get energised. Enjoy your life !

This part is an important part of the program. You will be shown how to

prioritise, how to delegate, how to catch up and be ahead of the game.

Key players in business who can manage their time efficiently and

effectively invariably run very successful businesses stress free.

If you operate from a home base you will be shown how to

manage your time and fit it in with your home environment.

Part 4

Essential Customer Care

Believe it or not, little things do mean a lot for many customers.

Here is a fantastic opportunity for you to boost your business without spending a penny

on more stock or raw materials and without cutting prices. This section probably represents

the most under-estimated opportunity  for the future growth and prosperity of your business.

By  incorporating Essential Customer Care into your training program you can feel confident

of being one of the leaders in your market sector with strong recommendations from customers.

One-to-one guidance plus a very practical Customer care project is included in this part.

Part 5

Essential Motivation

How to motivate yourself and your staff.

Motivation by encouragement is the order of the day but there are subtle structured methods

of carrying this out. You will learn from this section how, in the space of a few seconds,

you will be able to assess the levels of attitude your staff has towards your business

and what you can do to improve any situation that needs to be addressed.

Self motivation is another area within this section that is vital for heads of businesses.

By coming in to work fully charged, it is inevitable that it will rub off on to your staff and your customers.

It has to be affordable and YES IT IS AFFORDABLE.

We challenge you to see if you can obtain the same personal service from this distance learning program elsewhere at these remarkably competitive rates.

Essential Business Boosters has been specially compiled from a number of different business seminars that David Fenton has presented throughout the U.K.

Each seminar for each subject cost £240.

Today you have the opportunity of  grabbing the complete 5 part program for  

less than the price of one of those seminars.

You can purchase each part separately at

£29.95 inc. vat  (post FREE to any UK Mainland address).


The complete 5 part program for  the price of 4 at

£119.80 inc. vat   (post FREE to any UK Mainland address).   

To recap

5 Comprehensive training manuals to boost your business covering

Essential Practical Marketing

Essential Sales Dos & Don’ts

Essential Presentation Skills

Essential Public Speaking Skills

Essential Time Management

Essential Customer Care

Essential Motivation

Each part complete with a Guidance DVD

Each part with One-to-One Consultation

David Fenton C.E.O.


David Fenton has led several

Sales and Marketing projects for us.

He has conducted these projects in an informative and interesting manner which holds your interest for the duration of the course.

Castleham - Brighton

David has continuously demonstrated very high professional standards.

This has ensured that he has remained as one of the key providers of our services to start up and small businesses.

The Enterprise Centre - Chichester

Dear David,

Thank you for making my training event something interesting for my Providers and Mentors to remember when they talk about

quality training in the future. You did say you would leave them on a high. The desire was in their eyes!

Lantra - Kenilworth

David Fenton C.E.O.

Testimonials continued

We have always found David extremely professional and reliable, very willing to please and always careful about the detail and quality of the work he does

WSAEC - Worthing

David is streetwise in his approach to the subject matter and uses language that  participants can understand and identify with.

He relates any theoretical materials to real world situations and more particularly, the clients businesses.

Northrook College - Littlehampton


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